From the Presbyterian Historical Society’s new blog post exploring the work from the past 25 years of our ministry at the Covenant Network of Presbyterians:

“In the fight to pass Amendment A, which would replace Amendment B in the Presbyterian Book of Order, there were loud voices on both sides of the discussion. While sifting through PHS’s collection of Covenant Network records, we found some ‘very positive glimpses of grace.’ In response to the first edition of the Covenant Network’s newsletter, one person said: ‘The November mailing…came like manna from heaven.’

Another response read: ‘I really appreciate the voice for the middle that seeks the common ground that surely God is providing.’

‘This perusal of documents relating to the “Middle Ground” movement within the Covenant Network’s efforts toward full and inclusive unity within the PC(USA) provided evidence of the organization’s unwavering commitment to their goal…’ “

Read more in their newly published blog!