In addition to celebrating our 25th year in ministry, we’re proudly partnering with APCE (Association of Partners in Christian Education) to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and equip you with resources on important topics, including:

❤️ What do the letters in “LGBTQIA+” stand for, anyway?
🧡 When someone comes out, how can you support them most effectively?
💛 How can we minister to people who have experienced hurt in the church?
💚 Where can churches find inclusive liturgies?
💙 How can youth programs create welcoming policies for marginalized young people?
💜 What resources are available for individuals or families discerning biblical perspectives on sexual/gender identity?

In kicking off Pride month from the official page of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), an excerpt was shared from the 223rd General Assembly (2018) item 11-13, “On Celebrating the Gifts of People of Diverse Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities in the Life of the Church.” Learn more at

Yesterday, APCE shared a list of ways we can celebrate Pride with the young people in our lives. You can check out that resource here and follow our Facebook page here so that you don’t miss out on any of this social media takeover!

With a longstanding commitment to education in the Church, the Covenant Network of Presbyterians is proud to work with APCE and spread knowledge about the beautiful rainbow of God’s LGBTQIA+ children!

Finally, don’t forget about the newly digitized records from the Presbyterian Historical Society detailing the history of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. You can find those records here to explore the formation of the Covenant Network and its early work to build unity among all Presbyterians and to expand the church’s inclusion for LGBTQIA+ members and their families.

From our earliest efforts to pass Amendment A to our continued threats against LGBTQIA+ equity appearing more and more frequently in headlines, the Covenant Network of Presbyterians in connecting across the Church to work in cooperation toward more just and equitable world.