What a year it has been for LGBTQIA people in the PCUSA! And what a year for us at the Covenant Network of Presbyterians. So much has been accomplished … because of you…

  • 2018 has been a year when openly gay and lesbian ministers have found more opportunities to serve—as ministers, elders and deacons; in churches big and small, urban and rural; in council and agency leadership.
  • It was a year when the General Assembly passed resolutions celebrating the gifts of LGBTQIA people for ministry, acknowledging their past and present contributions to our common life, and calling on Presbyterians across the country to do more affirm the dignity and humanity of transgender and non-binary people in church and society.
  • It was a year when we kicked off our Covenant Conversations with a successful event in Boise Presbytery, working alongside pastors, laypeople and congregations to explore what it means to be today’s more inclusive and affirming church.

The Long Road Ahead
The Covenant Network has been proud to be part of all of these steps forward in the PCUSA. But we always celebrate these gains cautiously … knowing how much work remains to be done, and how much could be quickly lost:

– Dozens of presbyteries and thousands of congregations still have not ordained any openly LGBTQIA people to ministry.

– We hear from churches and candidates all the time who find great challenges navigating the call process in a way where LGBTQIA candidates’ gifts can be fully considered and honored.

– In a time when there is enormous pushback against equality gains in the military, education, federal and state offices and throughout society, churches struggle to find their voice to speak up for justice and true religious liberty without being labeled as “divisive” or “political.”

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians, since 1997, has been a trusted voice for bringing transformation and justice to the PCUSA. This year, we have committed again to leadership on this long journey. But we can not do it without your help.

Make 2019 A Year to Celebrate

Won’t you consider a gift of $50, $100 or more to join us in advocating, educating, caring and challenging? Your secure, tax-deductible gift might just be what makes possible a sermon, a workshop, a call of encouragement that triggers renewal and hope in the church.

Any amount makes a difference. A gift of $500 or more could fund a new resource for working with transgender youth, or a translation of a biblical resource on same-sex marriage into Spanish or Korean, or a speaking engagement that could save a person’s life. Click here to give what you can.

We’re grateful for whatever you can do. And we look forward to celebrating with you a year from now all that God has done in the PCUSA through the Covenant Network of Presbyterians … and through you.

Wishing you a blessed Advent, a merry Christmas, and a just and generous new year!

Brian Ellison, executive director