Living History at the Covenant Conference

How have you participated in the historical shifts advancing the witness of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in recent years?

What stories do you want preserved for posterity?PHS

At the 2015 Covenant Conference — November 5-7 at Central Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado — you will be able to have your own story added to the chronicles of the PC(USA). The Presbyterian Historical Society will be present, interviewing conference participants for the Society’s Living History Films series.

Living History is a multimedia project sharing diverse experiences and stories told firsthand by American Presbyterians. The project aims to educate and inspire through filmed interviews with Presbyterians, believing that each one of us shapes history in our everyday lives.

You are invited to take a few moments between plenary and workshops to talk about how you make history. Send an email to Samantha Piccolo, [email protected], to reserve your time and for more information.

Know others whose stories should be told? Encourage them to come to Denver in November, where we will continue making history even as we celebrate the gains the church has made.

Register now! If you are trying to register and find that there are no rooms left at the Hyatt for Wednesday night, contact our office for information on registering at another nearby hotel.

Here’s an important opportunity to ensure that the history of the movement for LGBTQ equality in the PC(USA) is told — for the sake of coming generations, and for our current edification as the church continues the gospel imperative of deepening our understanding and practice of God’s love. And the project is not limited to the history of the Presbyterian LGBTQ movement; PHS wants to hear about other ways you’ve been making history.

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