Faithful to Scripture and Open to Gay People

Looking for a concise way to explain that you support LGBTQ persons not in spite of, but because of the Bible?

Download this brochure, prepared by the Rev. Steven Kurtz of Gulf Shores (AL) First Presbyterian Church: Faithful to Scripture and Open to Gay People brochure.

An excerpt:

We believe that faithfulness to scripture and the Spirit has led us to be open to and affirming of our gay neighbors. Loving them as ourselves, we believe, means welcoming them fully, honoring the way God has made them, and celebrating the love they have for each other. Many of us believe that we are called to be communities of faith in which gay people may live, worship, learn and serve, and be encouraged to make covenanted commitments to faithfulness in marriage. To exclude them or to deny them any of the privileges we heterosexuals enjoy would be to build the very barriers that the Lord Jesus removed. This, I believe, is what it means to live under the authority of scripture.

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