Ken Cuthbertson is a member-at-large in Santa Fe Presbytery, and a Parish Associate at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church. His book The Last Presbyterian? was published in May 2013.

Ken CuthbertsonWhen he first began to realize he was gay, Ken’s response was “uh-oh.” Coming from a conservative farming community in Kansas, and then attending a small church-related college, being gay wasn’t something he had even thought about.  But having this realization in 1978, when the Presbyterian Church’s Homosexuality Task Force was debating these issues, Ken realized he had to discern for himself how he was going to understand sexuality. For years he tried to quash and fight what he felt, but slowly things changed. After attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Ken knew he had to make peace with himself.  Ken started to read and study pastors and theologians who affirmed his sexuality. Eventually the struggling and fighting was over, and Ken came to affirm who he is.

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