Remembering the Rev. Dr. Albert Curry Winn

Our beloved friend and mentor Al Winn died on July 17.   A memorial service will be held on July 26 at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he was Parish Associate Emeritus.

The Rev. Dr. Albert Curry Winn was Moderator of the 119th General Assembly (1979) of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, President Emeritus of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and the leader of the committee that drafted “A Declaration of Faith” for the Presbyterian Church.  He was a scholar, an activist for justice and peace, founder of the Covenant Network chapter in Salem Presbytery, and a member of the Covenant Network Advisory Board.

We give thanks for the life and witness of Al Winn, and his participation in bringing about the change in ordination standards that has blessed the PCUSA.   The wisdom he shared in his brief address to a CovNet gathering at the 2004 General Assembly still speaks to us:

Perhaps the best confession of faith is the earliest and shortest. Just three words: Jesus is Lord.


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