Seeking an Executive Director

The Covenant Network has started an Executive Director Search. The board of directors is searching for a full-time executive director to provide strategic leadership, raise funds and offer staff oversight to further the mission, strategy and goals of the organization. The work of the Covenant Network is in a critical phase as the PC(USA) lives into G-2.0104b and the new day that is dawning in the denomination.  The board of directors is looking for someone who will maintain the commitments established in the Covenant Network’s 15 years of advocacy, education and support to LGBT Presbyterians, and continue to work for the unity of the church.

Candidates should have:

  • Deep knowledge of the PC(USA) and commitment to Presbyterian theology, polity and practice.
  • Successful fundraising experience.
  • Organizational leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the PC(USA).
  • Proficient use of technology for communications and operations.

Check out the job description here.

If you know of interested and qualified candidates, please have them mail their resumes to:

The Reverend David A. Van Dyke
The House of Hope Presbyterian Church
797 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
[email protected]

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