Fort Worth Pastor Calls Churches to Use Our Bully Pulpits to End Bullying

Rev. Fritz Ritsch, pastor of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, TX, a Covenant congregation, published a strong Op Ed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  In it he said, in part:

“I’ve had it with the bullying that comes from the church’s bully pulpit. Our history of denigrating gays and lesbians has provided the “godly” rationale for centuries of hatred and abuse. It’s a flagrant violation of the Gospel. Moderate Christians — the silent majority — need to stop being silent and speak out. . . .

“Most of the Christians I know do not judge people by their sexual orientation, but by the content of their character. But the bullying crisis has put a fine point on the need for moderates to challenge theological bullies from our own bully pulpit. We cannot equivocate. Children are dying. We need to speak up. If not now, when?”

Read the whole, excellent piece – including its biblical analysis – here or on the Star-Telegram website.

Thank you, Fritz!

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