What could bring a person to change his or her mind about sexuality and ordination? What happened in your case?

– Jack Rogers

… I had often said that I could not change my position on homosexuality unless I was convinced by Scripture. By studying the Bible in its historical and cultural context and through the lens of Jesus’ redeeming life and ministry, I have now been convinced that Scripture does not condemn, as such, the sexual expression of contemporary Christian people who are LGBT…

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  1. http://Frank%20Scimeca says

    Im sorry but I disagree entirely. Although society has made homesexuality a “super” sin, it is a sin none the less. No greater or less than any other sin. We can take any passage and twist it to make our moral desicons favorable to us. I love all people. That means I love all sinners as we are all siners. As a born again Christian I am no less sinful than someone who is acting out their homosexuality. Having said that homosexuality like any other sin is wrong and we must strive to understand the redemptiveness that Jesus brings to us through His death. Our goal in life here is to prepare for holiness in eternity and acting out on a ny sin as a pattern of sin is contadictive to that mandate.

  2. http://Mary%20Lynn%20Tobin says

    My story is similar to Jack’s. I was relieved when the 1978 AI came out. Relieved! I distinctly remember thinking, “Oh, good. That’s decided. I don’t have to think about that issue anymore.” (Not that I’d thought about it all that much up to that point). Then I met a gay person. Then another – this one a Christian. Then another – another Christian. I went straight to a study of the biblical texts and came to a similar conclusion as I had over women’s ordination (a study of scripture I had felt compelled to undertake a few years earlier when working with Wynn Kenyon). And the gospel itself turned me around.

  3. http://Jeff%20Winter says

    I have met many persons who identify themselves as gay or lesbian. I used to pastor a church in the heart of the gay community of Denver. I have listened to numerous stories from the lips of men and women who have said to me, “God created me to be gay. I tried ex-gay ministries and counselors and they didn’t work.” Not once did I move away from the clear teaching of Scripture that says that homosexuality is not of God. I have worked hard to help men and women leave homosexuality. Many have. I maintain the current ordination standards are true and just. I will work hard to keep them in place.

  4. http://Nathan%20Sobers says

    The only way I could view the current ordination standards as just is if they were being applied equally. How many straight Elders or Ministers have been held accountable for acts that would be considered either unchaste or lacking in fidelity under the current rules? I’m sure there are some, but the overwhelming number of cases involve one group of people who are being tried not for specific actions, but for something that many of us believe can’t be changed. How is it just to hold one group of people to a different standard? More importantly, who are we to tell someone that the call they hear is not from God? If we accept Gay people as members, then how is it just to expect them to accept a second class role in the life of the church?

  5. http://Darry%20S.%20Carlstone says

    I have to ask a question that may get me thrown out of the church: Is the Bible a rule book, or is it a book of life which requires our interaction and judgment as we look at how people have struggled with the fundamental questions of life? Do we think that we have to come up with the same understanding that they had? Whatever happened to the God that Isaiah describes who is about to do a new thing? Do we have the courage to discover that new thing? I’m sorry, but to my friends who say that you can’t pick and choose when it comes to scripture, I would insist that you have to use your judgement. I don’t know of any parents who have stoned their disobedient children.

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