This section and the buttons below contain links to worship materials, curriculum, essays, articles, videos and outside sources that will be useful for congregations, church leaders and LGBTQIA people.

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Sexuality & Sexual Orientation

Resources at the intersections of our faith and identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, and more.

Gender Identity

Resouces at the intersections of our faith and identifying as transgender, gender non-binary, intersex, and more.

Becoming a Welcoming Church

Website, Signage, Pronouns, and More: Resources to increase your church’s welcome of all God’s people.

Engaging Your Community

Beyond church walls – religious freedom, anti-discrimination, PRIDE, social justice, interfaith and ecumenical dialogue, difficult conversations.


Inclusive resources, including hymns and liturgy, for celebrations of marriage.

On Calling a Pastor

Resources to help committees and congregations hold a more inclusive search process with a broader array of candidates.

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