What’s next for the Covenant Network?

A lot of people have been asking us over the last few months what’s next for us. Now that the presbyteries have voted to approve Amendment 14-F, affirming that ministers may officiate, and sessions may host, same-gender weddings, and now that LGBTQ people are being ordained in congregations and presbyteries around the country, what will the Covenant Network do? What does our mission look like going forward?

Executive Director Brian Ellison addresses the question in the video below. We hope you’ll take five minutes to check it out…

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  1. Gary Nance says

    Although many changes have been affirmed by the Presbyterian Church USA, many churches follow their own direction. Therefore, many lesbian and gay members of the church are not experiencing any change because of the local minister, etc. If this does not change the church will lose more members.

  2. Thomas Fultz says

    The positive words of the Executive Director seem at odds with the approach of Rev Jim Hudnut-Beumler in his piece on marriage posted on the website. In it are stereotypes of those who understand God’s word on marriage differently than he sees it. There is no apparent appreciation for how the sense of connection is expected in a presbyterian denomination to make the action of one congregation the act of all the denomination. We are told it is fear, small-town mindedness, and anger that direct the behavior of “conservative” Presbyterian congregations who are evidently resisting change from the culture.

    It is interesting that the thoughts he provided end with words about divorce, for Jesus spoke clearly about marriage as only between differently-gendered persons on an occasion of being asked about divorce. So for me, the “view of an unmarried savior who told us that in heaven “they neither marry, nor are given in marriage” is that marriage is intended for two persons – one female and one male to live out their earthly lives together.

    Rev Jim Hudnut-Beumler speaks disparaging toward those who disagree with him to such a degree that the notion of unity among those who have “decided not to decide” is absent his article. Continuing to give place for such voices who major in stereotyping is at odds with the way forward for the Covenant Network outlined by Brian Ellison. I suggest the editorial review of the resources highlighted by the organization be tightened to more closely align with the rationale for the group to continue to exist. I hear a very mixed message as it currently stands.

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