This Far By Faith

A Dialogue Between Deborah A. Block, Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Milwaukee, and Margaret E. Towner, Honorably Retired  Covenant Conference 2006 Broad Street Presbyterian Church, Columbus, OH Friday, November 10, 2006 Deborah Block is pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee, WI, where she has been on staff since 1978.  A graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary […]

What Unties Presbyterians

Deborah A. Block Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Milwaukee Executive Committee Member, Covenant Network of Presbyterians  Address to the Covenant Network Commisioner Convocation Dinner 215th General Assembly Denver, May 23, 2003 In Milwaukee we call them the Uecker seats. Waayyy in the back roowww! Not Denver’s Mile High but a mile back! Named for the beloved […]