Trans and Gender Non-Binary People #WontBeErased — A Statement From the Board of Directors

We, the Board of Directors of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, say to all our trans and gender non-binary friends in the church today: We see you. Indeed, you are us. We all stand together as God’s people, sharing in love and faith. You will not be erased—not from our church and not from our lives.

Read the complete statement by the Board of Directors of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.

Don’t Call Us Brave: Pastoral Care for People Who Are Transgender

One of the most popular workshops at Covenant Conference 2015 was led by Meghan Foote and Susan Barnes. They have graciously shared their PowerPoint presentation.

Knowing We Are All the Image of God

A reflection by Laurie Kraus: “…Our families are not all the same: the children we treasure have come to us from birth, surrogacy, national and international adoption, or foster care; and we connect with friend or partner or spouse in a variety of ways. One thing I believe is common among us: that we all are formed in our relationships by Love, which comes from God; and that we all of us, are made truly in God’s image and living a life of faith intended to let that God-image shine forth more clearly. We listen to one another, share our stories and practice community together because it is the way Christ has taught us to see the face of God…”

Radical Hospitality

A reflection by Vicki Carmichael, Minister of Music–Choir Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church in University City, MO, shared as part of the communion service on Trinity Sunday, June 3, 2012: “Radical hospitality doesn’t just welcome, it transforms.”

A Letter to the Church from a Sister in Christ

To:   My Brothers and Sisters in the PC (USA) After returning from my attendance at the WMC-09, I feel compelled to share this letter with you.  Although spending those three days with over 600 people who shared a love for mission and a love for sharing God’s good news was a real mountain top experience for me, […]

Life Beyond the Comma

The Reverend Dr. Erin Swenson Accepting the 2005 Lazarus Project Award at the Lazarus Banquet in Pasadena, CA. February 26, 2005 Thank you. There is no way that any one person can be so honored, and this award is clearly for all those who are bridge-builders. When Don Crail called and said that the Lazarus […]