From Richmond to Richmond

FROM RICHMOND TO RICHMOND A Gathering of the Covenant Network March 28, 2004 Stephen R. Montgomery It’s good to be back home. There’s a part of me that is surprised that I would say that– for two reasons. There’s the “home” part.  Though my formative years were only two blocks away from here, over on […]

This Is Our Time

Timothy Hart-Andersen Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis Member, Executive Committee of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians Address to the Covenant Network Lunch at the 215th General Assembly Denver, Colorado May 26, 2003 It’s good to be up here on the podium at this lunch. If every General Assembly were an episode of the Fellowship of […]

Overture Advocates’ Presentation

At the 2001 General Assembly, Overture Advocates from 26 presbyteries collaborated on a presentation to the Committee on Church Orders and Ministry, explaining why the deletion of G-6.0106b is faithful to Presbyterian tradition and necassary for the health of the PC(USA). Read the presentation, or view the PowerPoint slides.


Editor’s note: These remarks, which were prepared for delivery at the 2000 Covenant Conference, are as good an example as any of why many of us in Covenant Network have arrived at the understanding we have. Can anyone question that Hugh is called to be a deacon? Hugh as it turned out was too ill […]