How might we respond in debates among Christians on homosexuality when told to “love the sinner but hate the sin”?

– Robert C. Dykstra In most every charged discussion among Christians on homosexuality, someone will rise to insist that the church’s proper response is to love the sinner but hate the sin. This pithy saying draws from among the most potent words in the theological lexicon – sinner and sin, love and hate. Yet seldom […]

Can people change their sexual orientations? Should the church require gay and lesbian Christians to try to change their orientations in order to be ordained?

Nancy J. Ramsay In The Spirit and the Forms of Love, Daniel Day Williams suggested that “love has communion in freedom as its goal.” Sexual orientation refers to the way women and men self-identify in our sexual attraction to others. But it is more than a matter of preferred sexual partners. Sexual orientation is part […]

How does the struggle for full inclusion of gay and lesbian Christians relate to the civil rights movement and other struggles for freedom and equality?

– J. Herbert Nelson … The Church of Jesus Christ has participated in gender and race domination and exclusion throughout history. Therefore, we must view the biblical record and our interpretation as to who is in and out with both theology and history in mind. Theology presses our faith perspectives to higher and better hopes. […]

If the church accepts homosexuality, what is to keep us from accepting sins like adultery, incest, bestiality, and sex with children? Don’t we have to draw the line somewhere?

– Mark Douglas   This question raises a legitimate concern that all Presbyterians ought to take seriously: if we accept one form of sexuality that is sinful, what’s to keep us from accepting other sinful forms of sexuality? Yet while the question is legitimate, the assumption behind it may not be. For the question assumes […]