“A More Perfect Union” – Sharon K. Youngs

A Sermon on Ruth 1:1-22 preached at the Covenant Network Conference, November 1, 2013: “What is married? We say it all the time at weddings, we say it to partners getting ready to marry, we say it to couples working hard to stay married: At its core, marriage is not about passion or emotion or physical attraction. It is not about feelings. At its core, marriage is about covenant, commitment. It is about shared hopes and shared struggles and shared life. At its very best, marriage is an embodiment of God’s hesed – God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.”

2013 Covenant Conference – October 31-November 2

Keynote speakers will be Macky Alston, Stacy Johnson, and Amy Plantinga Pauw. Preachers will be Brian Ellison, Frank Yamada, and Sharon Youngs. Kimberly Bracken Long will lead the pre-conference workshop. October 31-November 2 at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago.