‘A Change in What Is Seen’

Both the hope and the challenge of the transfiguration is that we no longer can settle for the status quo and the exhausting oppression of low expectations. Transfiguration is the moment that compels disciples to expect transformative, overpowering God-presence in the community we inhabit, in the lives of those around us. To believe that we will be present for it. Indeed, that God will make it happen through us.


A sermon preached by Rev. Glenda Hope, at Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, on the 40th anniversary of her ordination to professional ministry, which occurred in that church on May 17, 1970.

“Old Grain, New Grace”

1998 Covenant Conference Evening Worship, Friday, November 6, 1998 Sermon “Old Grain, New Grace” [Matthew 13: 33 – 35] by Joanna Adams Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Atlanta Excerpts from this sermon appear in Covenant Connections #5. What a song! What a day! What a conference! It’s been wonderful to be here. I feel as if […]