Scholarship and Mentorship Program

This summer, the Human Rights Campaign  and the Carpenter Program in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality at Vanderbilt Divinity School will co-host a week-long intensive seminar/workshop on LGBTQI issues and religion aimed at seminary students interested in working on these issues as activists and/or as academics.  Students whose seminaries do not offer particularly rich resources in this […]

The Whole Bible for the Whole Human Family

Members of the Biblical Faculty of the Presbyterian Seminaries Speak to the Issue of Ordination June 2001 We, the undersigned, earnestly request that you will read the attached statement and consider it carefully. We are all professors of either Old Testament or New Testament.  We represent over half of the faculty in Bible in our […]

Fostering Theological Inquiry When We Disagree:

A Dispatch from the Front  by Douglas Ottati Pemberton Professor of Theology & Ethics Union Theological Seminary (Richmond) Paper Presented at the 1998 Covenant Conference November 6, 1998 This afternoon, I want to talk a little bit about fostering theological inquiry, and in particular, fostering it at our theological seminaries, but not only there. And […]