If the church accepts homosexuality, what is to keep us from accepting sins like adultery, incest, bestiality, and sex with children? Don’t we have to draw the line somewhere?

– Mark Douglas   This question raises a legitimate concern that all Presbyterians ought to take seriously: if we accept one form of sexuality that is sinful, what’s to keep us from accepting other sinful forms of sexuality? Yet while the question is legitimate, the assumption behind it may not be. For the question assumes […]

Can God use sex for our sanctification?

– Eugene F. Rogers, Jr. Conservative Christians object to same-sex marriage because they want marriage to show visible holiness. That idea is useful because it prompts all Christians to reflect on the sort of holiness that marriage teaches and displays. Here I reflect on the theology of marriage under the rubric of sanctification. This approach […]

Marriage as a Discipline of Sanctification

Eugene F. Rogers, Jr. Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Covenant Network Conference November 3, 2005 Memphis, TN An earlier version of parts of this paper appeared in INTAMS Review, The Journal of the International Academy of Marital Spirituality 11 (2005): 28-36.   An earlier version of other parts will appear in […]