October 2012 GAPJC Decisions

Three decisions by the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission address the controversial issues of marriage, the property trust clause, and ordination standards.

GAPJC to consider Larges ordination

Few servants of the Presbyterian Church (USA) have experienced such a long and winding road to ordination as Lisa Larges.  On April 27, the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission will hear arguments in yet another proceeding arising from objections to the decision of the Presbytery of San Francisco to ordain her. The Presbytery’s Counsel has submitted this […]

Synod PJC upholds San Francisco Presbytery’s decision – again

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians rejoices in the decision of the Synod of the Pacific Permanent Judicial Commission (SPJC) moving Candidate Lisa Larges one step closer to ordination as a teaching elder. The SPJC ruled this week that the Presbytery of San Francisco’s approval of Ms. Larges for ordination “is constitutionally valid.” Ms. Larges’ first trip […]

GAPJC Ordination Rulings

STATEMENT FROM THE CO-MODERATORS of the COVENANT NETWORK OF PRESBYTERIANS We would like to express gratitude for the hopeful step forward taken in two recent rulings from the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission, following hearings on July 29 in Louisville. As a result of these rulings (details of which may be found at on the […]

Declaring a Departure

Blessings on the recently-Reverend Abigail King Kaiser, who was ordained to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament by the Presbytery of Cincinnati, having been examined and approved, with a departure from G-6.0106b, by the Presbytery of San Francisco. Read Abby’s powerful Statement of Departure.

Lisa Larges’ Statement of Departure

When the Presbytery of San Francisco approved Lisa Larges for ordination in November 2009, it was influenced by her Statement of Departure, which we share here with her permission. In approving the ordination of a ministerial candidate who asserted a “departure” on G-6.0106b, the Presbytery followed the process lifted up in Authoritative Interpretations of G-6.0108 […]