What has ordination implied for Reformed Christians, and how might Reformed theologies of ordination inform our current debates about ordination and sexuality?

– Dawn DeVries The theology of the Reformation fundamentally reshaped the doctrine of ministry, and the practices surrounding ordination in Reformed churches. In the Roman Catholic as well as the Eastern Orthodox Churches, ordination as a sacrament ritually distinguished one group of people from another within the church. Priests, it was argued, by virtue of […]

Living in the Body

What General Assembly Called Us To Be and To Do A Plenary Dialogue Between Cynthia M. Campbell, President, McCormick Theological Seminary, and Douglas A. Nave, Esq., Member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York  Covenant Network Annual Conference – 2006 Broad Street Presbyterian Church Columbus, Ohio November 10, 2006 Cynthia We are very grateful to […]

Evangelism in a Pluralistic Society

Evangelism in a Pluralistic Society: A Reformed Perspective  Shirley Guthrie Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology Columbia Theological Seminary Address to the 2002 Covenant Conference November 8, 2002   Introduction I may be wrong, but I suspect that evangelism is not high on the agenda of many of us who belong to the Covenant Network. The […]

The Liberalism of the Reformed Tradition

The Liberalism of the Reformed Tradition Address to the Covenant Commissioner Convocation Dinner 214th General Assembly Columbus, OH June 14, 2002 Sponsored by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians  John M. Buchanan Co–Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church Chicago The good people of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago are not sure what to make of all of […]

True Confession

 True Confession: A Presbyterian Dissenter Thinks About the Church  Address to the 1999 Covenant Conference Covenant Network of Presbyterians Atlanta, GA November 6, 1999 Barbara G. Wheeler President, Auburn Theological Seminary New York Excerpts from this address appear in Covenant Connection Vol. 2, #4. I have a practical problem. I joined the Presbyterian Church as […]

Fostering Theological Inquiry When We Disagree:

A Dispatch from the Front  by Douglas Ottati Pemberton Professor of Theology & Ethics Union Theological Seminary (Richmond) Paper Presented at the 1998 Covenant Conference November 6, 1998 This afternoon, I want to talk a little bit about fostering theological inquiry, and in particular, fostering it at our theological seminaries, but not only there. And […]