Framing the Shots

Address by CovNet Co-Moderator Randy Bush to our Commissioners’ Convocation Dinner at the 221st General Assembly: “What photos are you going to take of this General Assembly? What pictures will capture the spirit of our denomination – that capture the challenges and hopes of the Presbyterian Church and the church of Jesus Christ today?”

“On Second Thought”

A Sermon on I Samuel 1:4-20 by Randy Bush: “I pray that people stop walking past the doorposts of the Church of Eli. I pray that our faith may be modeled after the example of Hannah so that we will belong to a church of justice, a church of inclusion, a church of love, and thereby a church of Jesus Christ. That may require some second and third thoughts on our part; that’s alright – God is patient. Like the father waiting for the prodigal to turn around and come home, God is anxious for our return to the fullness of God’s word and love. What is required of us? It requires listening skills…”

O Church, What Does the Lord Require of You

A sermon on Micah 6:6-8 by Randy Bush: “Once the evangelical commotion of the modern church is turned down for a moment, the wisdom of other people of faith can be heard again. Mahatma Gandhi once said: I told the missionaries to refrain from telling India about Christ and merely live the life set before them by the Sermon on the Mount. India then, instead of suspecting them, would have appreciated and directly profited from their presence. Malcolm X once said: Don’t condemn a person who has a dirty glass of water. Just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won’t have to say that yours is better.”

The Language of Love

Reflections by Randy Bush East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA: “To move from the cultural language about love to the spiritual language of love, it is important to remember that love is primarily directed away from us.”

CovNet at the 220th GA

As always, the Covenant Network will have a robust presence when the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) meets in General Assembly in Pittsburgh this summer. Join us for the Commissioners’ Convocation Dinner on Friday and the Luncheon on Monday.

And as you anticipate General Assembly this summer, join us in praying for the Moderator of the 219th GA (2010), Ruling Elder Cindy Bolbach.

Distributing the Future

A reflection by Randy Bush, Pastor of East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA.