Two Ordinations: Reflections from Nancy Enderle

The Rev. Nancy Hutchison Enderle served the Covenant Network of Presbyterians as Interim Executive Director in 2011-12. As she prepared to conclude her service, Nancy shared her reflections at the Commissioners Convocation Dinner the night before the 220th General Assembly (2012) convened in Pittsburgh:

I’d like to start these comments with the tale of two ordinations….

Ethical Stances on Homosexuality

Kate Killebrew reflects on Stacy Johnson’s typology of stances on the ethics of homosexual practice, and notes that many are in the process of moving on the continuum.

Where Did We Go Astray?

Margaret J. Thomas: G-6.0106b must be stricken from our Constitution so that our historic principles of being Presbyterian may again be honored… Amendment 10-A, now before the presbyteries, offers a way forward.

Complaints Continue

The careful and prayerful processes used by presbyteries seeking to follow the authoritative interpretations issued by the last two General Assemblies have been met with resistance by opponents of the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

Scott Anderson Approved for Ordination

On February 20, John Knox Presbytery voted overwhelmingly to approve Scott Anderson for ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Read the presbytery’s press release.