Using the New Authoritative Interpretation in the Life of the Church

Remarks to the Covenant Network of Presbyterians Atlanta • November 2, 2007 John Wilkinson Pastor, Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY For the past 10 plus years, I have been both privileged and perplexed to be a Covenant Network board member. So much for term limits! And – like Anna Carter Florence’s young friend – I […]

Ordination: an Instrument for Faithfulness

Deborah Flemister Mullen Friday, November 10, 2006 Covenant Conference 2006 Broad Street Presbyterian Church, Columbus, OH Deborah Mullen is Dean of Master’s Programs and Director of the Center for African American Ministries and Black Church Studies, McCormick Theological Seminary. Thank you for your gracious welcome. When my dear colleague, Deborah Block, called last spring, I […]

Living in the Body

What General Assembly Called Us To Be and To Do A Plenary Dialogue Between Cynthia M. Campbell, President, McCormick Theological Seminary, and Douglas A. Nave, Esq., Member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York  Covenant Network Annual Conference – 2006 Broad Street Presbyterian Church Columbus, Ohio November 10, 2006 Cynthia We are very grateful to […]

Graceful Practices

Amy Plantinga Pauw Covenant Network Conference November 3, 2005 The Christian life is a material life. When we talk about spiritual practices we are not talking about an attempt to put our bodies to the side somehow and concentrate on the inner life of faith. Spiritual practices are about a way of conducting a bodily […]

A New Way for a New Day

Reframing the Dialogue on Sexuality in the Church 2005 Northwest Regional Conference October 15, 2005 Address by Susan R. Andrews Pastor, Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD, & Moderator of the 215th G.A. My great escape is reading fiction, and luckily I am blessed to have a wonderful woman in my congregation who reads 5 […]

Can Unity Survive the Battle between Peace and Purity?

Ordination as a Test Case for Denominational Identity  by J. Fred Holper Professor of Preaching and Worship McCormick Theological Seminary Paper Presented to the 1998 Covenant Conference November 6, 1998 The topic before us is a difficult one, in part because ordination is where the rubber of all the important theological struggles that others have […]