Remembering Pam Byers

The tribute to Pam Byers at the Covenant Conference in Denver prompted her friend and former colleague Rosemary Bledsoe to offer these memories of Pam and the early days of the Covenant Network: “Most people saw her at GAs and conferences and meetings all over the country. I saw her pushing cartloads of envelopes out to her car to take to the post office, plowing through stacks of papers on her desk, sweating out deadlines, anxiously monitoring the never-quite-adequate bank balance, stunned with fatigue, hoarse from constant conversation, frustrated, determined, and somehow usually fairly hopeful.”

Lucy Strong – A sermon on Psalm 78

Covenant Network Regional Conference, November 8th, 2014, Idlewild Presbyterian Church / Memphis, TN: “We keep hearing the stories that connect our present with our past. The stories continue but what is our place in the stories? What are the stories we tell? What are the stories that shape us today and give us life? “

In Memoriam: Pam Byers

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians is saddened at the death of its founding executive director, Dr. Pam Byers. Pam was an exemplary ruling elder, a tireless evangelist, and a true friend. Her service to the PCUSA and the cause of justice for LGBTQ persons was incomparable and will be deeply missed.

Rejoicing over GAPJC Decision!

The Board of Covenant Network is deeply gratified that the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission today upheld  the decision of the Presbytery of San Francisco to ordain Lisa Larges as a Teaching Elder in the church.  This decision brings to a final conclusion roughly four years of litigation over the presbytery’s authority to find Lisa […]

A Letter to the Church from a Sister in Christ

To:   My Brothers and Sisters in the PC (USA) After returning from my attendance at the WMC-09, I feel compelled to share this letter with you.  Although spending those three days with over 600 people who shared a love for mission and a love for sharing God’s good news was a real mountain top experience for me, […]

Dining with Jesus

Sermon for Old First Presbyterian Church August 29, 2004 Pamela Byers Elder, First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco Executive Director, Covenant Network of Presbyterians Luke 14: 1, 7-14 Hebrews 13: 1-8, 15-16 As we read the gospels, it becomes clear that Jesus just had no standards at all about whom he ate with. His utterly indiscriminate […]