Remembering Pam Byers

The tribute to Pam Byers at the Covenant Conference in Denver prompted her friend and former colleague Rosemary Bledsoe to offer these memories of Pam and the early days of the Covenant Network: “Most people saw her at GAs and conferences and meetings all over the country. I saw her pushing cartloads of envelopes out to her car to take to the post office, plowing through stacks of papers on her desk, sweating out deadlines, anxiously monitoring the never-quite-adequate bank balance, stunned with fatigue, hoarse from constant conversation, frustrated, determined, and somehow usually fairly hopeful.”

To Offer the Bread of Life

April 15 was an especially joyous day at Old First church in San Francisco.  At the end of a moving communion service, the congregation and pastor Maggi Henderson joined in commissioning the Rev. Erwin Barron as a Parish Associate. Rev. Barron had been involved in the congregation for nearly 15 years, attending, teaching Sunday School, […]