The Plan-B God

Dr. Mark Achtemeier addressed the Twin Cities Regional Conference on same-gender marriage: “…The vocation of groups like the Covenant Network will be critically important in the months and years ahead. It is not within our power to turn back the rising tide of cultural and historical forces that are sweeping our church into a period of decline. But we are confident that the day will come when God will purge the poisonous legacy of exclusion and hatefulness from our culture’s image of Christianity. Until that time it falls to you and me to keep the lights of a gracious witness burning in the midst of the surrounding darkness.
To carry out that task, to make that positive Christian witness, you and I must be absolutely clear that our affirmation and celebration of gay marriage is a consequence of the Bible’s testimony and not its contradiction…”

Twin Cities Will Host the Next Regional Conference

Instead of the national conference this year, a series of regional conferences will take place across the country.The first of the fall will be at Westminster Church in Minneapolis on Saturday, October 27; read on for details and online registration. Mark Achtemeier is the keynote speaker, and Dan Vigilante will preach.

Ordination Sermon for Scott Anderson

John Knox Presbytery ordained Scott Anderson to the ordered ministry of Teaching Elder on Saturday, October 8. Here’s the sermon by the Rev. Dr. Mark Achtemeier.


From a Pentecost sermon by Mark Achtemeier: “In times such as these, we need the witness of the church to show our country that it is possible to reach our hands across these deep divides of race and ideology and religion, that a peaceful and united human community is possible, that even deep- seated differences can be overcome by the power of self-giving love.”

And Grace Will Lead Me Home: Inclusion and Evangelical Conscience

As presbyteries continue to vote on Amendment 10-A, which would allow for freedom of conscience in the interpretation of what Scripture teaches about same-gender relationships, Mark Achtemeier is among those have testified to a change of mind.