Certain Reversals

Luke 1:39-56 Lisa Larges, Regional Partnership Coordinator That All May Freely Serve Friday, November 10, 2006 Lisa Larges joined the TAMFS staff in 2002, after graduating from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1989. She organized the Witness for Reconciliation Project to promote dialogue on the full participation of GLBT Presbyterians. Lisa is a deacon at […]

Dining with Jesus

Sermon for Old First Presbyterian Church August 29, 2004 Pamela Byers Elder, First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco Executive Director, Covenant Network of Presbyterians Luke 14: 1, 7-14 Hebrews 13: 1-8, 15-16 As we read the gospels, it becomes clear that Jesus just had no standards at all about whom he ate with. His utterly indiscriminate […]

A Chaos of Uncalculating Love

COVENANT NETWORK CONFERENCE 2003 New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC Sermon – Friday Morning, November 7, 2003 A Chaos of Uncalculating Love Kenneth E. Kovacs Pastor, Catonsville Presbyterian Church, Maryland   It might come as a surprise that at the end of his life, the venerable Karl Barth (1886-1965) reflected upon the Christocentric nature […]

The Church Isn’t Jesus

COVENANT NETWORK CONFERENCE 2003 New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC Sermon – Thursday Worship, November 6, 2003   The Church Isn’t Jesus Luke 13:10-17 Chris Glaser I have been moved by this woman, stooped by a spirit, for a very long time, and, in recent months, she and I have grown quite intimate as […]

Add Another Leaf to the Table

2001 Covenant Conference Closing Worship, November 3, 2001 Sermon Add Another Leaf to the Table  I John 4:7-21 ; Luke 5:29-32 Barbara A. Anderson Co-Pastor, Pasadena Presbyterian Church Pasadena, CA My mother always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: you can’t learn well on an empty stomach. She is still […]

The Narrow Door

1999 Covenant Conference Morning Worship, November 5, 1999 Sermon The Narrow Door Luke 13:22-30 Jon M. Walton Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church Wilmington, Delaware A few summers ago I was in Europe and as all tourists do, I visited several of those innumerable castles that are there. But after awhile one castle starts to look like […]