‘A Change in What Is Seen’

Both the hope and the challenge of the transfiguration is that we no longer can settle for the status quo and the exhausting oppression of low expectations. Transfiguration is the moment that compels disciples to expect transformative, overpowering God-presence in the community we inhabit, in the lives of those around us. To believe that we will be present for it. Indeed, that God will make it happen through us.

“The Reign of God We Get”

A Sermon on Luke 7:1-10 by Brian Ellison, at Southminster Presbyterian Church, Boise, ID, June 2, 2013: “But this is the world. And this is where God is. When Jesus shows up we might like every story to be like a magic wand being waved. The leper is touched and the healing occurs. The mud is put on the eyes and sight is restored. But the world we live in is a Luke Chapter 7 world, and healing rarely happens that way. Justice is rarely a matter of a single spoken word. Every problem is not healed by each just action. The day you or I offer a cold cup of water to an overheated stranger, he will be better and a thousand more will still thirst. But the witness of the scriptures and the promise of the gospel is that it still matters. That, in fact, it couldn’t possibly matter any more. That this is the kingdom of God.”

At the Table: A Witness to the Resurrection and in Celebration of the Life of K.C. Ptomey

The Rev. Dr. K.C. Ptomey, Jr., a former member of the Covenant Network Board, joined the Church Triumphant on May 9, 2013. K.C. was Zbinden Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Leadership at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, having retired as Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Nashville.
A Service of Witness to the Resurrection was held at Westminster Church on Saturday, May 18. The preachers, Ted Wardlaw and Jon Walton, have graciously granted permission to share their sermons here.

The Way Toward Birth – Dawning Light

A Sermon on Isaiah 11: 1-10 & Luke 1: 67-79 by the Rev. Ken Kovacs: “…the incarnation is not a one-time occurrence but something that has fundamentally changed and is changing the very structure of our existence. In the incarnation we discover a “demonstration” that God is forever “risking spirit” by being active in the world and our lives. The Spirit enters and for all it’s worth charges into earth – where? Yes, in Jesus, but in birth after birth, ever fresh and fresh. In your birth and my birth ever fresh and fresh, doing something new.”


How might it affect the work of the assembly, if some unexpected person were to show up with some tears for washing away the dirt of the church and some ointment for healing its members?

Farther and Deeper

Gregory Bentley, preaching for the 2009 Conference Luke 5:1-11 In the 1850s, Henry Comstock left Canada and made his way to western Nevada hoping to strike it rich by prospecting for gold. While in Nevada, he gained the reputation of a shyster; someone who was willing to do less than honorable things to get what […]