Synod PJC Upholds Decision to Ordain Lisa Larges

The Synod of the Pacific Permanent Judicial Commission (SPJC) has upheld San Francisco Presbytery’s decision to ordain Lisa Larges, an out lesbian, as Minister of the Word and Sacrament.

Complaints Continue

The careful and prayerful processes used by presbyteries seeking to follow the authoritative interpretations issued by the last two General Assemblies have been met with resistance by opponents of the ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

Lisa Larges’ Statement of Departure

When the Presbytery of San Francisco approved Lisa Larges for ordination in November 2009, it was influenced by her Statement of Departure, which we share here with her permission. In approving the ordination of a ministerial candidate who asserted a “departure” on G-6.0106b, the Presbytery followed the process lifted up in Authoritative Interpretations of G-6.0108 […]

San Francisco Presbytery Votes to Ordain Lisa Larges as Minister of Word and Sacrament

The Presbytery of San Francisco voted on November 10 to ordain Lisa Larges as Minister of Word and Sacrament, validate her call as Minister Coordinator of That All May Freely Serve, and enroll her as a member of the Presbytery.

GAPJC Rules Against Attempts to Prevent Larges Examination and Capetz Restoration

In two important decisions from the General Assembly’s Permanent Judicial Commission, the church’s highest court has upheld the right of presbyteries to consider “departures” declared by candidates for ordination or for entry into presbyteries. In Naegeli et al. vs. Presbytery of San Francisco, the GAPJC upheld the right of San Francisco Presbytery to examine candidate […]

Certain Reversals

Luke 1:39-56 Lisa Larges, Regional Partnership Coordinator That All May Freely Serve Friday, November 10, 2006 Lisa Larges joined the TAMFS staff in 2002, after graduating from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1989. She organized the Witness for Reconciliation Project to promote dialogue on the full participation of GLBT Presbyterians. Lisa is a deacon at […]