Marriage and Singleness – A Sermon Series

We are grateful to the Rev. Jon M. Walton, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, for permission to share his sermons:
Marriage, Bible Style
Why Marriage?
Marriage: A Civil Contract Between Two Persons?
One Is Not the Loneliest Number

At the Table: A Witness to the Resurrection and in Celebration of the Life of K.C. Ptomey

The Rev. Dr. K.C. Ptomey, Jr., a former member of the Covenant Network Board, joined the Church Triumphant on May 9, 2013. K.C. was Zbinden Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Leadership at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, having retired as Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Nashville.
A Service of Witness to the Resurrection was held at Westminster Church on Saturday, May 18. The preachers, Ted Wardlaw and Jon Walton, have graciously granted permission to share their sermons here.

Philip’s Conversion

A sermon preached by Jon M. Walton to the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, May 6, 2012.

From Richmond to Richmond

FROM RICHMOND TO RICHMOND A Gathering of the Covenant Network March 28, 2004 Stephen R. Montgomery It’s good to be back home. There’s a part of me that is surprised that I would say that– for two reasons. There’s the “home” part.  Though my formative years were only two blocks away from here, over on […]

Is Anything Too Wonderful for Our God?

Is Anything Too Wonderful for Our God? Address to the Covenant Network General Assembly Luncheon 214th General Assembly, Columbus, OH 17 June 2002  Jon M. Walton Pastor, First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York I am honored to be with you today, to be the speaker at this luncheon, and to try to […]

The Narrow Door

1999 Covenant Conference Morning Worship, November 5, 1999 Sermon The Narrow Door Luke 13:22-30 Jon M. Walton Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church Wilmington, Delaware A few summers ago I was in Europe and as all tourists do, I visited several of those innumerable castles that are there. But after awhile one castle starts to look like […]