“Wedding Games”

A Sermon on John 8:2-11 and I Corinthians 13 by the Rev. Dr. Robert J. Campbell. Text: “Where you go I will go, your people shall be my people and your God my God.” (Ruth 1:16) “… given today’s rhetoric and national debates, with laws being enacted one way or the other, just as with any other issue of justice down through history it is the job of the pulpit to speak the word of an accepting God so that you can speak that word to one person and then to another. And like those twelve ordinary individuals who witnessed what happened that day with Jesus and that woman you too can then begin to change the world that surrounds you. That is how this faith of ours works…”

The Trouble with the Church

A Sermon by Dr. Mark Achtemeier: “The trouble with inviting Jesus into your home is you don’t just get Jesus, you get the friends who show up with him.”

The First Sign, John 2:1-11

Once, there was a wedding and Jesus was there.  Well as a pastor I’m here to tell you that on more than one occasion there have been weddings and Jesus wasn’t there.  Most likely you have attended or maybe even presided at those weddings where Jesus was not present.  They’re the weddings where Jesus isn’t […]


A sermon preached by Rev. Glenda Hope, at Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, on the 40th anniversary of her ordination to professional ministry, which occurred in that church on May 17, 1970.

The Good News About Doubt

“…most of our days are not lived on Easter Sunday, nor are they lived in the valleys of Good Friday. If we’re honest, most of our days are spent living here, in a post Easter world where because of the resurrection everything is supposedly different, and yet when we look around us, far too little of the things that need to be different, are different.”

A Comprehensive Covenant

Diane Givens Moffett Pastor, St James Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC Isaiah 61:8-9; John 3:16; Acts 15:1-3 Many of you may have heard the story of a little girl who was about six years old. She was in school and it was time for an art lesson. The teacher said that this little girl hardly ever […]