Acts Then and Now

Jay McKell reflects on Pentecost, the Council of Jerusalem, and the 221st General Assembly: “God’s welcome is wide. Ancient and outdated barriers are cast aside and grace abounds.”

Weather Forecast

Jay McKell: “… But when thinking about the temperature not in the context of climate change but in the context of cultural change, as well as change in the church, this warming trend is turning into something which we can all celebrate. I am, of course, speaking about not only the acceptance but also the welcoming of GLBT persons into the mainstream of society as well as within the life and ministry of the Presbyterian Church…”

Journey Through the Land of Ahhs

An Autumn Devotion by the Rev. Jay McKell: “I want you to join me on a journey I took across Kansas recently. Actually it’s a journey we’ve been taking for quite some time now. We just may not have realized it. Join me in the driver’s seat as you use your imagination to create the pictures I describe. But before we get going I want to suggest you read Psalm 139:1-18…”

We offer ourselves…

A prayer by Jay McKell: “…If ‘there is no place where earth’s sorrows are more felt than up in heaven,’ then we would lift up an encouraging word to you and we would offer ourselves, strange as that seems, yes, we would offer ourselves as your supporters, your helpers in the ongoing, ever-challenging work of bringing to completion the good work which you began…”

Aren’t They Lovely?

Jay McKell rejoices at the opportunity to celebrate love, commitment, and community.

Overture Advocates’ Presentation

At the 2001 General Assembly, Overture Advocates from 26 presbyteries collaborated on a presentation to the Committee on Church Orders and Ministry, explaining why the deletion of G-6.0106b is faithful to Presbyterian tradition and necassary for the health of the PC(USA). Read the presentation, or view the PowerPoint slides.