Remembering Cynthia Bolbach

The church rightly remembers today with joy and gratitude the ministry of our sister and friend Cindy Bolbach. As Moderator of the 219th General Assembly (2010), Cindy modeled the grace and dignity of the office, carrying out every formal appearance and informal conversation with her characteristic creativity and wit. All her service was rooted in […]

G-6.0106b in PC(USA) Perspective – Reflections on Amendment 10-A

The current text of G-6.0106b is out of sync with Presbyterian and Reformed theology and polity. Amendment 10-A corrects those errors. Here’s a collection of references.

Where Did We Go Astray?

Margaret J. Thomas: G-6.0106b must be stricken from our Constitution so that our historic principles of being Presbyterian may again be honored… Amendment 10-A, now before the presbyteries, offers a way forward.

Why I Support Amendment 10-A

Dr. Mark Achtemeier: Amendment 10-A will (1) bring peace to our Presbyteries by halting the endless succession of battles over proposed amendments to the Constitution; (2) remove divisive ambiguity from the Book of Order, sparing our church huge amounts of costly litigation in the church courts; (3) help us become the kind of faithful church where divisive issues can be handled more graciously and productively than we have seen in the recent past.

Laura Sugg to the Presbytery of the James

Read the 5-minute Pro Amendment 10-A educational speech by the Rev. Dr. Laura S. Sugg, to the Presbytery of the James, October 16, 2010. The vote in the POJ was a tie, 152-152-3.

10-A: How It Differs

Amendment 10-A proposes for G-6.0106b new wording that relies on old principles, offering the PCUSA a way out of the protracted conflict over ordination standards.