The Business of the 220th GA: Keep Moving Forward!

Removing G-6.0106b and other impediments to the ordained service of LGBT Presbyterians, and upholding the unity of the church:  from our founding in 1997, these two goals have been the focus of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, and these two goals will again guide our approach to the issues being considered by the 220th General […]

Rejoicing with Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson’s Service of Ordination will take place on October 8th, at Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Madison, WI. Scott’s ordination as a teaching elder offers a sign of hope for the many people who have long worked for a more inclusive church policy toward the ordination of our gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered brothers and sisters.

‘Fellowship’ Within the Body of Christ

* A Word from our Co-Moderators *
Several members of the Covenant Network Board and staff participated in the gathering in Minneapolis, August 25-26, of the Fellowship of Presbyterians.

The tone established at the outset was one of warmth, kindness, and respect, and the articulated values included an appreciation for PC(USA) denominational staff, avoidance of stone-throwing, and a commitment not to speak or act out of anger.