Ethical Stances on Homosexuality

Kate Killebrew reflects on Stacy Johnson’s typology of stances on the ethics of homosexual practice, and notes that many are in the process of moving on the continuum.

A New Way for a New Day

Reframing the Dialogue on Sexuality in the Church 2005 Northwest Regional Conference October 15, 2005 Address by Susan R. Andrews Pastor, Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD, & Moderator of the 215th G.A. My great escape is reading fiction, and luckily I am blessed to have a wonderful woman in my congregation who reads 5 […]

In the Beginning Was the Relationship

Jack L. Stotts  President Emeritus,  Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Friday, November 5, 2004 I am delighted to be here as part of this conference, to share with you in our exploration of questions of theology and sexuality. The late Joseph Sitler, the distinguished theologian, is reputed to have said on the occasion of his retirement, […]