Which side are you on? And are there more than two?

– Cynthia M. Campbell   In the debate about the status of gay and lesbian members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), it sometimes seems as though the only options are “for” and “against.” Either one condemns homosexuality as contrary to God’s will or one affirms homosexual persons and puts discussion of appropriate behavior off limits. […]

Remembering Jack L. Stotts

1932-2008 Covenant Network Luncheon PCUSA General Assembly San Jose, California June 23, 2008 Cynthia M. Campbell I am deeply honored to be here today to give thanks to God for the life and ministry of our teacher, our leader, our friend – Jack Stotts. In the memorial service for Jack held at the Fourth Presbyterian […]

Living in the Body

What General Assembly Called Us To Be and To Do A Plenary Dialogue Between Cynthia M. Campbell, President, McCormick Theological Seminary, and Douglas A. Nave, Esq., Member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York  Covenant Network Annual Conference – 2006 Broad Street Presbyterian Church Columbus, Ohio November 10, 2006 Cynthia We are very grateful to […]

Christ and Culture: Missional Questions

Christ And Culture: Missional Questions Cynthia M. Campbell President, McCormick Theological Seminary  Address to the 2001 Covenant Conference November 2, 2001  The average book written by a theologian is neither (a) still in print nor (b) still a topic of lively conversation over fifty years after its publication. But Christ and Culture by H. Richard […]

Guided by the Confessions

1998 Covenant Conference   Guided by the Confessions: A Conversation Over Time Cynthia Campbell November 6, 1998 [Précis] Since Reunion in 1983, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has been a “confessional church,” living with a Book of Confessions.  This collection was originally developed by the United Presbyterian Church (USA) with the adoption of the Confession of 1967, […]