We Journey Together

A Sermon on James 2:1-17 by the Rev. Bertram Johnson at the Northwest Regional Conference, Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, 30 January 2015: “Through our acts of partiality, of favoritism, of judgment, of limitation on not just LGBTQ people, but on all God’s people, we pit the truth of God’s grace against itself and show our hypocrisy and lack of faith. As these first century believers dishonored the poor by favoring the rich, we continue to dishonor God’s people by creating divisions and obstacles to God. Through our biases the Church becomes a stumbling block and an exclusive club to those who seek to know God. We do this because we fail to believe that Christ’s sacrifice is big enough, wide enough, and deep enough to heal all our human-made fears and prejudices. When I’m faced with such opposition from my brother and sister Christians, like James, I ask do we really believe that the power of God is for all or is it that we think it’s only for some?”

Marriage: Why It Matters to the Church

Keynote Address by the Rev. Larry Owens at the Covenant Network Regional Conference at Idlewild Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee, November 8, 2014: “Lord, we are forever asking you for many things, and what you are forever giving us instead…is the gift of one another.”

LGBT Presbyterian Journeys – A CovNet Video

A gift from the Andrews Foundation made possible this video premiered at the Covenant Network Conference, “Marriage Matters.”

Enjoy, share, and continue the work!

Explore Marriage Liturgies at the 2013 Covenant Pre-Conference

The 2013 Covenant Conference, “Marriage Matters,” will take place at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago October 31-November 2. Before the conference on marriage equality, join us for a theological conversation about marriage. What does “Christian marriage” mean? What do we believe happens during a wedding? And what should a marriage service look like? Kimberly Bracken Long will lead the pre-conference workshop focused on liturgy.

2013 Covenant Conference in Chicago – save the date!

“Marriage Matters” is the theme of the 2013 national Covenant Conference, to be held at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago October 31-November 2. Keynote speakers will include Amy Plantinga Pauw and William Stacy Johnson. A special pre-conference event on marriage liturgies and worship will be led by Kimberly Bracken Long. Registration information will be available soon, but for now – mark your calendar!

Conference in NYC May 11: “Marriage Equality for Presbyterians and Everyone Else”

The last in the Covenant Network’s series of ten regional conferences is coming up Saturday, May 11. Featuring two accomplished attorneys who have been active in working for equality for the LGBTQ community, “What Now: Marriage Equality for Presbyterians and Everyone Else” will take place at the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York, with the support of Presbyterian Welcome. Follow this link to register.