Poirot or Corot

COVENANT NETWORK CONFERENCE 2003 New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC Sermon – Saturday Worship, November 8, 2003 Poirot or Corot: On Asking the Right Questions Psalm 148 John 9: 1-12 J. Barrie Shepherd   Standing in this illustrious pulpit one question is paramount. What am I doing here? How DOES one get to preach […]

Paradise Postponed

Paradise Postponed, or, What Do We Do Until Then? Peter J. Gomes Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Address to the 2001 Covenant Conference November 2, 2001 If it is possible to be co-opted into this most elite of Christian communions, God’s frozen people, the […]

The Greatest Story Ever Ignored

The Greatest Story Ever Ignored by J. Barrie Shepherd Covenant Network G.A. Luncheon 212th G.A., Long Beach CA 26 June 2000 Acts 12:6-17 Excerpts from this address appear in Covenant Connection Vol. 3, #3. Thank you for those generous introductory words. Speaking on such an occasion, and before this most challenging of audiences, a gaggle […]