Knowing We Are All the Image of God

A reflection by Laurie Kraus: “…Our families are not all the same: the children we treasure have come to us from birth, surrogacy, national and international adoption, or foster care; and we connect with friend or partner or spouse in a variety of ways. One thing I believe is common among us: that we all are formed in our relationships by Love, which comes from God; and that we all of us, are made truly in God’s image and living a life of faith intended to let that God-image shine forth more clearly. We listen to one another, share our stories and practice community together because it is the way Christ has taught us to see the face of God…”

The Public Face of Discipleship

Larry Rasmussen Network Conference November 3, 2005 Memphis, TN As part of its evangelism program, a Lutheran church in Denver canvassed its neighborhood to determine the churched and un-churched.  The canvassers went door-to-door.  Among the first questions was “Are you a Christian?”  As they approached one house, the occupant was leaving, apparently in a hurry.  […]

True Confession

 True Confession: A Presbyterian Dissenter Thinks About the Church  Address to the 1999 Covenant Conference Covenant Network of Presbyterians Atlanta, GA November 6, 1999 Barbara G. Wheeler President, Auburn Theological Seminary New York Excerpts from this address appear in Covenant Connection Vol. 2, #4. I have a practical problem. I joined the Presbyterian Church as […]


1999 Covenant Conference Closing Worship, November 6, 1999 Sermon WWPD? Micah 6:6 – 8; Matthew 23: 1-12 Deborah A. Block Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church Milwaukee A child comes home from school, filled with the day, eager to show and tell. Elie Weisel recounts the memory of his mother’s words. She didn’t ask who he had […]