The Trouble with the Church

A Sermon by Dr. Mark Achtemeier: “The trouble with inviting Jesus into your home is you don’t just get Jesus, you get the friends who show up with him.”

Why I Support Amendment 10-A

Dr. Mark Achtemeier: Amendment 10-A will (1) bring peace to our Presbyteries by halting the endless succession of battles over proposed amendments to the Constitution; (2) remove divisive ambiguity from the Book of Order, sparing our church huge amounts of costly litigation in the church courts; (3) help us become the kind of faithful church where divisive issues can be handled more graciously and productively than we have seen in the recent past.

Is Anything Too Wonderful for Our God?

Is Anything Too Wonderful for Our God? Address to the Covenant Network General Assembly Luncheon 214th General Assembly, Columbus, OH 17 June 2002  Jon M. Walton Pastor, First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York I am honored to be with you today, to be the speaker at this luncheon, and to try to […]