Welcoming the Amended Book of Order

While the deadline for reporting results to the Stated Clerk is July 10 – one year from the adjournment of the 219th General Assembly, which sent them to the presbyteries, and the same day that amendments to the Book of Order go into effect – all the proposed amendments have already received approval from a majority of the […]

Amendment 10-A and the Revised Form of Government

What happens if the presbyteries approve both Amendment 10-A, the new text proposed to replace the current G-6.0106b, and an entirely new Form of Government?

Progress at the 219th G.A. – Covenant Network Reflections

As Covenant Networkers return home from an intense ten days in Minneapolis, we can reflect gratefully on the good work on many fronts of commissioners to the 219th General Assembly.

General Assembly moves toward more welcoming church.

Committees of the General Assembly committees, meeting in Minneapolis, reported favorably on all business the Covenant Network recommended in our recent Board Statement and other recommendations.

Covenant Network Board Recommendations on Issues before the GA

In its most recent Statement, the Covenant Network Board articulated 3 primary goals for the 219th GA. Further, the Board offers the following recommendations on several other issues coming before the Assembly.

Minnesota Covenant Congregations Preparing for General Assembly – Part II

Nine Covenant Congregations will be volunteering at the upcoming 219th General Assembly, alongside sister congregations from the three hosting Presbyteries. Part I, posted last month, featured four of these Covenant Congregations. In Part II, we celebrate five more dedicated and diverse churches.