Marriage Liturgies

logo for event pageNow that the 221st General Assembly (2014) has affirmed the pastoral responsibility of teaching elders and ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service to use their discretion in deciding whether to participate in solemnizing marriages of couples of the same gender and the Directory for Worship (W-4.9000) reflects that openness, demand is growing for liturgical ideas.

The Covenant Network encourages ministers to work with couples to be creative in developing services that reflect and honor their relationships.  

We are collecting samples and sources, and invite you to contribute your own; if you are willing to contribute liturgies, prayers, and other resources you have used (or plan to) to this collection, please send to Tricia Dykers Koenig, [email protected]

Resources from Presbyterians

From the United Church of Christ

From the Episcopal Church

From the Uniting Church in Australia

Ecumenical and Interfaith

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