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The Covenant Network’s Guidelines for Examination of Church Officers is available for ongoing use, updated post G-6.0106b.

Now that the Book of Order has been amended to be inclusive in both ordination and marriage, the other CovNet-specific resources here are, in general, no longer applicable. The page below is an archive:


The Covenant Network is eager to provide support for individuals and governing bodies seeking to be faithful in ordination and installation, marriage, and other matters in which PCUSA polity is contested.  For consultation, contact National Organizer Tricia Dykers Koenig.

Discussions of Presbyterian polity:

  • John Wilkinson on using the 2006 Authoritative Interpretation of G-6.0108, November 2007
  • Cynthia Campbell and Doug Nave on the approval by the 217th General Assembly (2006)  of the recommendations of the Theological Task Force on the Peace, Unity, and Purity of the Church, November 2006

Other helpful resources:

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