Hard Wired

Hard Wired provides an overview of the science of sexual orientation.  It was presented by Doug Nave at the 2005 Covenant Conference in Memphis.

The first half of the presentation reviews what we know, and don’t know, about the origins of sexual orientation — including genetic, hormonal, birth order, and other influences.  That is followed by a brief review of psychoanalytic theories, which have been empirically discredited but remain part of many discussions.

The second half of the presentation reviews the many different ways people have tried to change sexual orientation.  It concludes with a summary of current findings and policy statements by virtually every professional mental health organization in the US condemning such treatments as both ineffective and damaging.

At the end of the presentation is a short bibliography, which includes citations to readily accessible books on a variety of topics, for the general reader, as well as to the latest scientific publications in the field.

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians is pleased to make this presentation available as a resource for ongoing dialogue in the church.

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