Current Covenant Connection Newsletter

Past Newsletters, 2003 – present

  • Spring 2014  Preparing for the 221st General Assembly (2014) and its emphasis on Marriage Matters.
  • December 2013 Exploring Marriage Matters with a look back at the 2013 Conference and an look ahead to the 221st GA, announcing new Board members.
  • Summer 2013  Announcing the 2013 Covenant Conference, celebrating successes of the previous year, welcoming new members of the CovNet Board and new Covenant congregations.
  • 2012 – Fall  Reflects on the 220th General Assembly (2012) and marks the changes of an updated Call to Covenant Community, regional conferences as an alternative to a national conference, and new executive director Brian Ellison.
  • 2012 – Spring/Summer  Previews the 220th General Assembly and discusses some of the transitions the Covenant Network is experiencing.
  • 2011 – Winter   Features some highlights of the 2011 Conference, Reconciling: Voices, Visions, Vocations, held in Durham, NC.  Explores some of the challenges of the “post-G-6.0106b” PCUSA.
  • 2011 – Fall Celebrates with Presbyterian Welcome the faithful service of Tricia, our own national organizer, includes an article by Tricia reiterating the meaning of G-2.0104b, a prayer for the church by CovNet Director, Meg McLaughlin, a message from interim Executive Director Nancy Enderle, information about the 2011 conference and the 2012 GA, and a sermon on Radical Hospitality by CovNet Director Randy Bush.
  • 2011 – Summer Celebrates the passage of 10-A and the consequent meaning of G-6.0106b.  Includes a statement by the Board of Directors, an assessment of the ‘Get Out the Vote’ Campaign and presbytery voting patterns and a sermon from Carla Pratt Keyes, pastor at Ginter Park PC in Richmond, VA.  Includes a farewell letter from Pam Byers and welcomes interim Executive Director Nancy Enderle.
  • 2011 – Spring Includes a welcome to four new congregations who have signed the Call to Covenant Community, analysis and encouragement regarding 10-A voting trends, three excellent speeches for 10-A presented during presbytery debate, an announcement of Pam’s impending retirement, and an excerpt of the sermon preached by Katie Morrison at the 2010 Covenant Conference.
  • 2010 – Winter Welcomes seven new congregations who have signed the Call to Covenant Community, begins highlighting 10-A resources, celebrates Coe College students’ presence at Covenant Conferences and features an excerpt of Cliff Kirkpatrick’s sermon preached at the Conference in Houston.
  • 2010 – Fall Features excerpts of Doug Nave’s address presented at the CovNet Commissioners’ Dinner at GA as well as Gustav Niebuhr’s presentation at the CovNet Luncheon.  The Board Statement following GA is included as well as encouraging remarks from our national organizer regarding Amendment 10-A.  David Myers’ piece entitled “God and Gays” is excerpted, as a prelude to the Conference in Houston.
  • 2010-Summer Includes the Covenant Network Board recommendations regarding business coming before the General Assembly,  information about CovNet events at GA and the 2010 Covenant Conference in Houston,  and Dawn Devries’ article from “Frequently Asked Questions,” about a reformed theological position on ordination and sexuality.
  • 2010 Spring Celebrates the action of John Knox Presbytery in approving Scott Anderson for ordination.  Includes Cliff Kirkpatrick’s article on diversity from “The Presbyterian Leader,” as well as information about General Assembly and David Jensen’s article about marriage from “Frequently Asked Questions.”
  • 2009 Winter Announces the Presbytery of San Francisco’s vote to ordain Lisa Larges and highlights presentations from the 2009 Covenant Conference, including an excerpt from Ted Smith’s sermon, “The Body We Can See From Here,” and an excerpt from Mark Achtemeier’s plenary address, “And Grace Will Lead Me Home.”
  • 2009 Fall Includes Don Ristad’s personal reflection about his church’s celebration of his marriage; a CovNet board statement to the Special Committee on Civil Union and Christian Marriage; and a feature article, “Al Winn: A Bold Witness for Justice”.
  • 2009 Summer Contains discussion and analysis on the final Amendment 08-B vote; the CovNet board’s statement on the 08-B vote; and “A Relevant Faith for Our Time,” an excerpt from a sermon by Chris Henry.
  • 2009 Spring Features “Double Dare: Going Public,” an excerpt from a sermon by Laurie Kraus; Bill Calhoun’s article, “Conversation as the Emmaus Moment”; and “Crumbs and the Covenant,” a sermon Barbara Lundblad preached at the 2008 Covenant Conference in Minneapolis, MN.
  • 2008 Winter Announces the newly updated Guidelines for Examination of Church Officers; John Knox Presbytery’s approval of Scott Anderson’s “Affirmation of Conscience”; and includes Stacy Johnson’s plenary address at the 2008 Covenant Conference, “The God of the Covenant and Amendment 08-B.”
  • 2008 Fall Reports Good News from the 218th G.A.; Young Adult Advisory Delegates’ (YAAD) reflections on G.A., collected by Dan Vigilante; and the Covenant Network board statement about the 218th G.A.
  • 2008 Summer Includes “Making a Difference at General Assembly,” ideas for involvement and connection at the 218th G.A.; Covenant Network’s goals for G.A.; and excerpts from Frequently Asked Questions About Sexuality, the Bible & the Church.
  • 2008 Spring Includes CovNet supporters’ reflections on the documentary film, For the Bible Tells Me So, and an excerpt from “Witnessing to God’s Own Hope: A Reflection on Romans”-Beverly Roberts Gaventa’s plenary address at the 2007 Covenant Conference in Atlanta.
  • 2007 Winter Features 2007 Covenant Conference “Testimonies” from Andy Cullen and Alicia Porter as well as an excerpt from Joanna Adams’ sermon, “No Other Plan,” preached at the 2007 Conference.
  • 2007 Summer Explores understandings of ordination standards; includes “Tales of the Anxious Preacher,” an excerpt from Anna Carter Florence’s book, Preaching as Testimony; and excerpts the Complainants’ Trial Brief in Davis et al. vs. Sacramento Presbytery.
  • 2006 Winter Excerpts “Certain Reversals,” a sermon Lisa Larges preached at the 2006 Covenant Conference in Columbus, OH, and announces newly revised Guidelines for Examination of Church Officers.
  • 2006 Fall Includes a summary of Covenant Network’s presence and witness at the 217th General Assembly in Birmingham, AL, and Cynthia Campbell’s address at the Covenant Network Luncheon at G.A., entitled, “Reformed: Not ‘What’ We Are, But ‘How'”.
  • 2006 Summer Announces the new Covenant Network book, Frequently Asked Questions About Sexuality, the Bible & the Church, edited by Ted Smith; includes news and notes from the CovNet southeastern regional conference in Charlottesville, VA; and excerpts Jeffrey Siker’s chapter in Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 2006 Spring Contains a feature article on Presbyterian Disaster Assistance in D’Iberville, MS, following Hurricane Katrina, and an excerpt from “Shaping Community” by Amy Plantinga Pauw, her presentation from the 2005 Covenant Conference in Memphis, TN.
  • 2005 Winter Announces Jack Rogers’ new book, Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church; features “Discipleship As Mystery,” Kathleen Norris’ plenary address from the 2005 Covenant Conference; and includes “What Are You Looking For?” by Doug Nave, a sermon he preached at the 2005 Conference.
  • 2005 Fall Includes “Who Owns the Kitchen?: Casseroles, Kimchee, and Enchiladas”, a feature article on “nesting” congregations by Barbara Anderson, and excerpts Paul Capetz’s presentation, “The Freedom to Live by Faith Alone”, given at “A Church for Our Time” conference at Ghost Ranch.
  • 2005 Summer Contains a sermon by Kimberly Clayton Richter from the Southeast Covenant Network Conference entitled, “Just What Do You Think God Is Up To?” and profiles a new Covenant Network congregation, Rose City Park Presbyterian Church of Portland, OR.
  • 2005 Spring Includes “Share the Vision,” an article by Covenant Network staffer Tricia Dykers Koenig on effective local organizing; examines Covenant Network chapters and churches making a difference; and highlights the upcoming Southeast Covenant Network Conference in Davidson, NC.
  • 2004 Winter A collection of excerpts from sermons and plenary addresses given at the 2004 Covenant Conference in Chicago, including “Speaking the Name” by Rick Spalding, “Are You Saved?” by Amy Miracle, “Honoring the Sexual Body” by Stephanie Paulsell, “Sexuality and the Holiness of the Church” by Luke Timothy Johnson, “In the Beginning Was the Relationship” by Jack Stotts, and “Eros and Ethics” by Susan Andrews.
  • 2004 Summer Announces the premier of the video Turning Points: Stories of Life and Change in the Church at the 216th General Assembly in Richmond, VA; outlines Covenant Network’s Recommendations on Business Coming Before the 216th G.A.; and includes J. Barrie Shepherd’s Prayer for the General Assembly.
  • 2004 Spring Includes news of the publication of Far From Home: Tales of Presbyterian Exiles, a booklet bringing forward the names and faces of those who have been pushed out of the Presbyterian Church (USA) by current ordination standards, and contains a sermon excerpt by William Countryman entitled, “Jesus Interprets the Scriptures.”
  • 2003 Winter Features highlights from the 2003 Covenant Conference in Washington, D.C., including “The Church Isn’t Jesus,” a sermon by Chris Glaser; an exchange between Richard Mouw and Barbara Wheeler entitled, “Strangers: A Dialogue About the Church”; and “Hold On and Let Go: Being Faithful in a Post-Modern, Culturally Creative World,” Bruce Reyes-Chow’s presentation at the conference.

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