Glyndon Morris

Ruling Elder, ordained Epiphany 2002.

God called me to Divinity School in 1996, the year that G-6.0106b was added to the Book of Order. I did not feel called to ordained ministry, but after graduation and relocation to Phoenix, Arizona, God called me through Palo Cristi Church to serve as a Ruling Elder.

Through the pastor there, God called me to serve Grand Canyon Presbytery, first on the Theology & Worship Committee and eventually as its chair, which included service on the Presbytery Council. I also served as a commissioner to the Synod of the Southwest, and a member of the synod’s Permanent Judicial Commission. Just as I began to feel God’s call to the ministry of the Teaching Elder, God called me to serve as the presbytery’s moderator. Mine was one of very few moderator elections whose vote was not unanimous.

In God’s divine sense of humor, my second meeting as moderator included the (ultimately successful) debate and vote on removing G-6.0106b from the Book of Order. The motion passed but it was very close. Later, I was told by several folks from both sides of the debate that they appreciated my leadership and my own sense of humor throughout that meeting. When you know God is laughing at you, why not laugh along?

The next year, the presbytery was asked to vote on moving me from Inquirer status to Candidate status in my journey toward ordination as Teaching Elder. After one of my friends asked me about my relationship with Jesus, and my tear-filled answer (it lets me get out of bed in the morning, knowing that God has forgiven me through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ), I am told that there was only one “nay” vote, and it wasn’t the one I had expected. (I still don’t know who it was.)

I look forward to serving a congregation and the whole PCUSA as a Teaching Elder, but I know God has already used me to help many good Presbyterians see God in a place they might not have expected.

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