Regional Conferences 2014-15

logo for event pageThe new pattern established by the board in 2012 alternates a national conference in the fall of the year before General Assembly with regional conferences in the fall and winter after GA. The 2014-15 series of regional conferences explored Marriage Matters. 

Conference Archives

October 11 —  Springfield, Illinois, First Presbyterian Church
Marriage Matters: Reconciliation and the Healing of the Church

Keynote speaker:  Matthew Vines
Preacher:  Layton Williams
Details here.

November 8 — Memphis, Tennessee, Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Marriage Matters: Why It Matters to the Church
Keynote speaker:  Larry Owens
Preacher:  Lucy Catherine Strong
Details here.

November 15 — Tulsa, Oklahoma, College Hill Presbyterian Church
Marriage Matters… for Everyone!
Keynote speaker: Mark Achtemeier
Preacher: Brian Ellison
Details here.

November 22 — Newport Beach, California, St. Mark Presbyterian Church
Keynote speaker: Mark Achtemeier
Preacher: D. Mark Davis
Details here.

January 24 — Baton Rouge, Louisiana, University Presbyterian Church
Marriage Matters: A Matter of Life and Love

Keynote speaker: Cindy Rigby
Preacher: Ken Kovacs
Details here.

January 31 — Mercer Island, Washington, Mercer Island Presbyterian Church
Marriage Matters: We Journey Together

Keynote speaker:  Matthew Vines
Preacher:  Bertram Johnson
Details here.

February 7 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Marriage Matters: Living into Marriage Equality
Keynote speaker:  Mark Hostetter
Preacher:  Tricia Dykers Koenig
Details here.

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