2002 Covenant Conference

Confessing Christ Today: Seeking Common Ground

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Evangelism in a Pluralistic Society: A Reformed Perspective
Shirley Guthrie, Professor of Theology Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary

Response by Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, Temple Israel, Minneapolis

Reconciliation Matters: C67 Now and Then
John Wilkinson, Pastor, Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

Who Do You Say That I Am?  Believing in Jesus Christ in the 21st Century
Anna Case-Winters, Associate Professor of Theology, McCormick Theological Seminary

Response by Paul Capetz, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Struck Down But Not Destroyed
Curtis Jones, Pastor, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, Baltimore

Even to the Gentiles
Andrew Foster Connors, Associate Pastor, Idlewild Presbyterian Church, Memphis

God’s Private Arrangements
Cynthia Jarvis, Pastor, Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

A Little Night Music
Linda Loving, Pastor, House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul

Litany for the Church
John Wilkinson, Pastor, Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

Litany for the Church
Susan Ashton, Minister Member of San Francisco Presbytery

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